360 Panoramas

We are having fun creating 360 panos. Walk through this Scandinavian summer house. Use fullscreen for best impression. If on a mobile, the pano responds to your movement:

Cloth in 3D

During the last few months, I have been working on finding a new way to produce photoreal images of clothes and other products made of cloth, such as furniture. Traditional workflows have given decent results, […]

Interior visualization

Imagine an interior or kitchen design company planning for a advertising campaign or a new brochure. They will probably need a lot of photos of their different kitchen lines, and all in different colors and […]

Gone Surfing!

I recently produced a range of 3D rendered images for Simmer Style (a global windsurfing company). Simmer wanted to release a new line of windsurfingboards to distributors and resellers months before the finished boards were […]

Car visualization in 3D

Here is an image I did a few years ago. Taking photos of cars is one of those tasks that is really challenging using a traditional camera. A car is so reflective that it is […]