Our 3D workflow

Taking pictures of things that don´t exist.

Oljons Media´s in-house 3D workflow is developed to meet the highest demands from our clients. Both regarding image quality and time.

We are working in a physically correct pipeline, from color measurements and textures, through rendering and post-production all the way to final image. That ensures that a 3D image of your product really looks like it does in reality, without surprises.

Rendering photoreal 3D images is a relatively slow process. However our renderfarm uses the fastest computers available and if that wouldn´t be enough, we are also connected to a rendering network with over 1.700 CPUs. Further, we use in-house software to take care of several bottlenecks during production. All to make sure no deadline will ever be missed.

So when you have hundreds of images that are going into print shortly, or when that animation just needs to be finished before your presentation tomorrow, we are ready.


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